Did you know that setting up your wiring correctly can add value to your home?

We all know that the best time to seek advice and get the infrastructure correct is before you put up your walls. With the more modern technology coming available, it makes sense to ensure that you have your wiring right from the start. Far too often we find that customers have to downscale the quality of their media devices to allow distribution to other TV points.

This in its self will be a problem in the near future as upscale devices will be required for the more modern TV to work. At Visionpoint we work with architects, electricians and customers to drawing up plans to ensure that devices like broadband, HD televisions, smart devices, etc. can be set up with ease. From start to finish your TV/Media infrastructure should be independently advised.

Many of our clients come to us looking for a TV/Media distribution once their home has been built. While this is no problem with what is available on the market to overcome essentially inadequate wiring, it can be more cost effective for the client to have got advice on cabling correctly early on.

Get the same quality, the content, the same control in the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom from a single point on the wall, it’s clutter free TV. Its value for money, it’s added value to your home.


  • High quality TV in any room
  • Add value to your home
  • Future Proof infrastructure
  • Clutter Free
  • Value for money

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