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Saorview was launched in 2011 and is accessible by 98% of the Irish population. The difficulty in getting to the remaining 2% is due to our Irish landscape, with mountains and valleys causing obstructions and more and more wind turbines popping up on the landscape.

It is essentially a digital free TV service that you receive through your aerial. Saorview gives you a variety of channels for free, including RTE1, RTE 2, Virgin Media, TG4 and much more.

At Visionpoint we can survey your existing system with the latest test equipment and aerials to ensure the highest quality and suitable for Saorview in your home or business.


Saorsat is a service available to the 2% of people who cannot get Saorview. It is basically a RTE service through a dish and box. You will need an 80cm dish to receive SaorSat. We can walk you through all the requirements.

Multi Room Viewing

At Visionpoint, we can help you to set up multi room viewing in your property. Whether this is for a few rooms in a family home, or for lots of rooms in a hotel, we can set up multi room viewing so everybody gets to enjoy their favourite shows over RF, Video and HDMI.

Free Sat

Enjoy your favourite channels without the monthly bills, and depending on your TV, you may be able to receive additional free channels without the need for a set top box. We can have a look at your existing system and and advice you on the all the different setups that might best suite your needs.

Sky Ready Installations

In the case of some Sky installations, Sky engineers may not be able to carry out your request for the installing of equipment because of restrictions in there work practices. Such as Hight, accessibility, cable runs and other such requirements. We can leave everything ready so you can get Sky quick and easy.

Repair Work

All our repair work is carried out to the highest standards and preventative work always discussed with clients prior to action taken. This is to ensure peace of mind over the long winter months that a brake in service is unlikely.

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  • SaorView
  • SaorSat
  • Multi Room Viewing
  • Free Sat
  • Sky Ready Installations
  • Repair Work

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TV Installation

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Control Systems

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